CNN Reports World Economic Forum Influence Is Waning As More Nations Focus On Localization

CNN is reporting the World Economic Forum is losing its influence. 

Even though the organization (headed by the infamous Klaus Schwab) has been routinely slammed for being out of touch, business leaders, billionaires and politicians have gathered in Davos, Switzerland for decades to discuss globalization.

Up until the response to Covid-19, these bold declarations for creating a new world order have gone somewhat unnoticed by the average citizen. But that has since flipped with many nations recognizing the radical calls of the WEF. And, in turn, focusing more on local concerns.

The WEF kicked off its latest gathering Monday. And expected to draw a record 2,700 attendees including big names like German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, and US climate envoy John Kerry.

Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi, Emmanuel Macron, Rishi Sunak, and billionaire George Soros have all declined to attend the forum this year.

From CNN:

“[The Gathering] looks increasingly out of date as the biggest war in Europe since 1945 deepens splits in the world economy.”

The outlet goes on to state that this globalization fantasy is being taken less seriously by nations who are “moving supply chains closer to home” in light of the Ukraine war.

“Yet the WEF’s first winter meeting in Davos since 2020 comes as economic heavyweights are playing by different rules, with companies moving supply chains closer to home, strategic stockpiling picking up pace and corporate executives who once extolled free trade appearing increasingly wary of rising geopolitical risks.”

Schwab’s vision of a progressively interconnected global economy appears to be at a standstill because of the war. As tensions enhance between the world’s two biggest economies; the United States and China.

As reported by Libby Emmons of The Post Millennial, “the America First movement is a clear example of a growing group of American lawmakers and constituents who eschew globalism in favor of more local production and local priorities.”

She also adds that inflation, job market concerns, a border crisis, and “worries over military readiness” are forcing Americans to look inwards and towards local efforts instead of globalist wish list items like climate change and the WEF’s response to the next pandemic.

Americans in particular are beginning to pay attention to how unrepresented they are at these Davos events. So much so that even CNN is beginning to report on how unpopular many of these global elite’s ideas are. 

“Out of touch” barely does this in-your-face power grab justice. Perhaps this push for complete control is finally meeting the push-back it deserves.

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