CNN Says ‘Bombs’ Were Sent to ‘Trump’s Targets’

The mainstream press is officially milking the suspicious package ordeal for political gain, shamelessly blaming President Donald J. Trump for the fake explosive devices that were sent to prominent Democrats, including CNN.

“Manhunt for serial bomber going after Trump’s targets,” a chyron said on CNN this afternoon.

There are two falsehoods in this single, eight word sentence. First, it has been confirmed for hours that the devices that have been analyzed by forensic experts were not build to detonate. They were hoaxes. They were not real bombs. It is inaccurate to label them as such. But still, at the time of this publication, Jake Tapper is live on CNN saying that the network cannot confirm whether the devices were real. He is lying.

Secondly, there is no evidence whatsoever tying Trump to the suspicious packages. There is no proof that this bomb scare – the most accurate term for this occurrence – was politically motivated, never mind that the perpetrator was working on behalf of Trump.

It is just as likely that the perpetrator of the hoax supported Bernie Sanders. Many of Sanders’ supporters harbor disdain for establishment Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – targets of suspicious packages – who rigged the Democratic primary against Sanders in 2016. A Sanders supporter even attempted to mass-murder congressmen at congressional baseball practice last year, for which our esteemed media did not dare blame Sanders.

Once again, CNN is caught lying for political gain. They are an embarrassment to the once-revered profession of journalism.


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