CNN Says Trump May Be Arrested Before Building Wall

In its typically hyperbolic manner, fake news CNN predicted Saturday that President Donald J. Trump will be arrested or booted from office before he can build a wall on the southern border.

“It is outrageous, Fred. It is all fake. It’s all just to force Congress into making some sort of resolution. He is never going to enact this power. He won’t do it. He will get annihilated in court. It will drag on, he may be arrested before this,” guest Richard Herman said on “CNN Newsroom” with Fredricka Whitfield.

Herman is an immigration lawyer, so naturally he opposes strict border security as it would be bad for business. This makes him the perfect guest. Between chortling in disgust, shaking his head, and making alien guttural noises to express his malcontent, Herman swore up and down that there is no crisis on the border, apparently ignoring President Barack H. Obama’s 2014 address during which he said the same, and Obama’s border patrol chief’s agreement with Trump on the issue. Never mind the facts about illegal crossings, deaths, cartel violence and human trafficking, and drugs pouring into the United States.

“The great bloviator and deflector will never do it. Because in reality, not the twilight zone, there is no crisis. There is no national emergency. And this will be the first time Congress will seek to overturn a national emergency if Trump decides to call it. He’s doing it to bluff. He’s doing it to bluff Congress and make a deal for him. There’s no way, Fred, he’s going to actually do it. It’s just a threat. It’s a bloviation and deflection,” Herman choked.

It’s not simply that CNN is happy to ignore all the facts on this issue. It’s that they host the most angry and miserable excuses for pundits to spew this nonsense, and then wonder why the American people dislike them.

WATCH the embarrassing display:

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