CNN, Washington Post Spread Misinformation Claiming Waukesha Suspect Was Fleeing Crime Scene

Corporate media outlets have been implicated in spreading misinformation regarding the Waukesha parade attack on Sunday, with the city’s police chief rebuking claims that Darrell Brooks sped into the parade as he attempted to flee police officers following a crime.

SE Cupp of CNN reported that her network had confirmed that the attack had been a mere accident, a claim now thought to be false.

Claims regarding the crime occurring by accident while the suspect fled arrest surfaced on Twitter on Sunday, with mainstream media figures claiming that “senior law enforcement officials” had described the attack as such. Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson corrected such claims in a Monday press conference, making it clear that the authorities have every reason to believe that the attacks were willful and intentional.

The Washington Post’s coverage of the Waukesha attack also featured the unsourced claim of Brooks fleeing a previous crime before ramming into dozens of Christmas parade attendees. The Washington Post only finally corrected their reporting a full day after Waukesha police indicated that the attacks had been intentional, charging Brooks with five counts of intentional homicide.

The latest headline the Post features for the story doesn’t make it clear that authorities believe the attacks to be intentional, in an act that more closely resembles a terrorist incident.  Thompson has said there’s no reason to believe the incident is terrorist in nature, but the willful nature of the act has led many to suggest that it is.

The corporate media appears to have merely reacted to speculation on the part of many Americans that the Waukesha attack was terrorist in nature, perhaps opting for a (false) explanation of events less damaging to the progressive-liberal worldview.

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