CNN’s April Ryan Says Her ‘Life Is In Jeopardy’ For Asking If Trump Will Resign

CNN analyst April Ryan claims that her “life is in jeaopardy” after she asked at a White House press briefing if President Donald Trump will resign from office.

“I’ve been getting death threats and we’ve been calling the FBI. This is real. I asked a simple question. I did not point a finger,” Ryan said, after asking Sarah Sanders the ridiculously biased question about if Trump would resign.

‘I asked a question and now my life is in jeopardy because of a question and I’m going to continue to do my job,’ Ryan said to¬†CNN, her own network.

Resign for what? It doesn’t matter. CNN is just propaganda.

April Ryan is one of the more pathetic members of the Fake News caravan that haunts the White House press briefings, asking full-on attack questions on behalf of the anti-Trump media.

Her claim that her “life is in jeopardy” is a particularly disgraceful moment from the network that gave us Jim Acosta.


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