CNN’s Brian Stelter Whines About Conservatives Joining Free Speech Platform Parler

CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter lamented the increasing popularity of alternative social media platform Parler, which has exploded in popularity recently as an alternative to Big Tech.

Stelter exhibited CNN’s hallmark lack of self-awareness, largely ignoring that the disinformation channel has been complicit in some of the most damaging fake news stories of the past decade. Stelter declined to mention that Parler’s new audience had signed up for the platform because of pervasive censorship, simply claiming that they wanted a “safe space.”

Conservatives have flocked to Parler since the election, finally fed up with Twitter’s pervasive tactics of left-wing censorship and bias.

Parler has added more than 4.5 million users since the presidential election, which remains disputed. The app has become the most popular on Apple’s app store, which unfortunately may preclude its banning from Big Tech oligarchs unwilling to allow competition to censorious mainstream social media platforms.


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