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CNN’s Cillizza Steps In It With Comments on Pelosi’s Cancelled Trip

This is an apple.



This afternoon, President Donald J. Trump epically cancelled an overseas trip scheduled by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)

The political left, including CNN, was not thrilled. Many viewed the move as retaliation for Pelosi’s threat of cancelling Trump’s State of the Union speech, scheduled for Jan. 29.

One leftist activist disguised as a CNN reporter, Chris Cillizza, characterized Trump’s move as “taking the low road.”

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“Taking the low road. Always,” Cillizza said on Twitter, attaching a piece in which he described Trump’s actions as “childish one-upmanship.”

But just yesterday, Cillizza praised Pelosi’s petulant threat of cancelling Trump’s national address as a “power move.”

“Nancy Pelosi just pulled a major power move on Donald Trump’s State of the Union,” said Cillizza’s headline.


The piece was a gushing appraisal of the 78-year-old Speaker’s political prowess.

“Make no mistake: Pelosi’s decision to disinvite Trump from delivering his ‘State of the Union’ address to Congress is a total power play designed to remind Trump that a) Congress is a co-equal branch of government and b) his willingness to keep the government shuttered until he gets money for a border wall is going to have impacts on him, too,” CNN said.

The bias is not difficult to spot.

When Pelosi takes a swing at Trump, it’s a “power play.” When Trump swings back, it is characterized as “childish.”

CNN, like the rest of the leftist press, is a complete joke not to be taken seriously as a source of news.

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Reuters Calls Louisville Riots Where Cops Were Shot by Black Lives Matter Terrorists ‘Mostly Peaceful’



After cops were shot in Louisville during widespread Black Lives Matter rioting on Wednesday night, Reuters had the audacity to claim that the demonstrations were “mostly peaceful.”

In the Reuters article linked in the tweet, the shooting of the police officers was buried in the article. Instead, editors focused on the race of the cops who returned fire to Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend after he shot at them while they were carrying out a lawful warrant at his home.

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“Two white policemen who fired into the apartment of Breonna Taylor, a Black medical worker, will not be prosecuted for her death because their use of force was justified, and a third was charged with endangering her neighbors, Kentucky’s attorney general said on Wednesday,” they wrote.

Reuters buried the lead, opting to demonize the “heavily armed police” who sent the “crowd scurrying for cover,” even though it was the Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA terrorists who shot the law enforcement officers.

Big League Politics reported on the decision by Kentucky officials to charge one of the three officers involved in the shooting death of Taylor:

On September 23, 2020, Jefferson County Judge Annie O’Connell announced that fired detective Brett Hankinson will be indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment for his actions on the night of Breonna Taylor’s death.

Hankison had previously admitted to shooting blindly. Some of those shots were fired into neighboring apartments not into Breonna Taylor’s where her boyfriend had opened fire onto police.

Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly, the other two officers involved in a serving a search warrant on the night that Taylor was killed, did not receive any charges.

The city of Louisville was placed under a state of emergency on September 22, when city officials shutdown a significant portion of the city perimeter to traffic. The majority of administrative building and other businesses were boarded up prior to the decision. Louisville has been rocked by riots related to Taylor’s death in March. These riots have been occurring for over 100 days and have resulted in a number of deaths and heated confrontations with law enforcement.

Starting on the night of September 23, there will be a 72-hour curfew in Louisville. The curfew will not apply to people partaking in essential travel, which includes work-related purposes or medical attention. Kentucky National Guard members will be deployed to the city for the purpose of maintaining public order…

Conservatives and nationalists should make it a point to promote healthy debate, while establishing a baseline of public security, to ensure that the country does not spiral further out of control in such times of instability.


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