CNN’s Jake Tapper Spread Fake News Accusation That Trump Supporters Targeted Biden Supporters During Biden Bus Tour

In what has become a routine occurrence over the past few years, a CNN journalist has spread an absurdly false claim in order to make Trump and/or Trump supporters look bad.

Jake Tapper retweeted a thread by “Dr. Eric Cervini,” a self-described “author, historian, homo” with pronouns in his Twitter bio, that falsely claims Trump supporters driving a pickup truck were targeting an SUV of Biden supporters.

Tapper commented: “Biden campaign says Trump supporters in Texas put their ‘staff, surrogates, supporters, and others in harm’s way.'”

Screenshot below:

If you watch the video from two different angles, however, it becomes crystal clear who the aggressor in the situation was. And surprise, surprise, it was not the Trump supporters.


Tapper deleted his quote tweet of “Dr. Eric Cervini’s” thread because it “headed off into a deranged territory,” but in a separate tweet he still quoted the Biden campaign’s claim that Trump supporters were intentionally endangering their “staff, surrogates, supporters, and others.”

The sideswiping incident happened during a Biden bus tour in Texas, which ended up getting canceled because Trump supporters far outnumbered Biden supporters:

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