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CNN’s Jeff Zucker Is Heard Spiking Hunter Biden Laptop Story in Latest Project Veritas #CNNTapes

The Hunter Biden story was off limits at CNN.



CNN President Jeff Zucker can be heard instructing the network’s personnel not to cover the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story in leaked conference calls in October, ensuring that the network’s audience wouldn’t hear of the evidence documenting the corrupt foreign business dealings of Joe Biden’s son in Ukraine.

Wednesday’s release is the latest of Project Veritas’s #CNNTapes. James O’Keefe of the whistleblower organization confronted Zucker on CNN’s daily conference call on Tuesday, revealing to the corporate media operative that the medium had been compromised.

Zucker explains that the Hunter Biden laptop story belonged exclusively to the “rabbit hole” of Fox News, Breitbart, and the New York Post in leaked conference call audio from October 23rd.

CNN Vice President and political director David Chalian more openly places a lid on the bombshell story in the leaked conference call, glossing over the reports of Biden family corruption and stating it was “obvious” that CNN wouldn’t cover it.

Obviously we’re not going with the New York Post story right now on Hunter Biden, which seems to be giving its marching orders to Fox News and the right wing echo chamber and what to talk about today…

Another CNN Vice President, David Vigilante, questions why any corporate media reporters are retweeting the story at all, suggesting it should be completely and totally ignored.

What in the world are Maggie Haberman and Jake Sherman doing retweeting that story?

The Hunter Biden laptop story may be the most censored news report in American history, with Big Tech platforms such as Twitter and Facebook going to unprecedented lengths in order to purge mention of it from their platforms.


Fake News Media

Washington Post Op-Ed Writer Asks Why It’s Difficult to “Deprogram Trumpian Conspiracy Theorists”

This “deprogramming” talk is dangerous and it needs to stop.



Professor and Washington Post contributor Brian Klaas recently wrote an op-ed for the paper titled “Why is it so hard to deprogram Trumpist conspriacy theorists?”, speculating that Trump’s base is teeming with “deluded people” who are so out of touch with reality that “reprogramming” them may prove impossible.

The Post published the op-ed Monday. Klaas’ opening paragraph says in part that “for the past four years, the United States was governed by a conspiracy theorist in chief. Whether by retweeting QAnon accounts from the Oval Office or painting himself as the victim of shadowy ‘deep state’ plots at rallies, President Donald Trump injected the toxin of baseless conspiratorial thinking straight into America’s political bloodstream.”

He asserts that the participants of the Capitol storming on January 6 were “insurrectionists” and “conspiracy theorists” and then asks if “we have any hope of deprogramming the millions of Americans who are devoted to dangerous lunacy.”

“Don’t hold your breath,” quipped Klaas, who proceeds to jump into a psychological explanation for why conspiracy theorists believe the things they believe. Part of what makes them so hard to “deprogram,” he says, is an inability for their claims to be falsified, their ever-shifting explanations for why predicted events don’t come to pass, and the social atmosphere of online communities.

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Klaas concludes his op-ed as follows: “We can no longer pretend that conspiracy theorists are beneath our attention. They’ve shown they have tremendous capacity to inflict damage on society. Bringing the deluded people who populate Trump’s political base back to reality will be difficult. But to find the right antidote, we need to at least accurately diagnose who has taken the poison. And that means acknowledging that those who sympathize with the Capitol insurrectionists are not far-off lunatics. Some, most likely, are your neighbors.

And, given the staying power of conspiratorial thinking, they aren’t likely to change their minds anytime soon.”

This is hardly the first time commentators and writers have used “deprogramming” language in recent days. And it reveals a lot about the contempt with which they view Trump supporters. It doesn’t get any more clear that they wish millions of people had their worldviews thoroughly reexamined and minds reprogrammed before they can be considered part of polite society again. That’s extraordinarily dangerous, divisive rhetoric. And it needs to stop.

Did the people who stormed the Capitol do something wrong and did some of them believe in QAnon-type conspiracy theories? Yes and yes. But the left for years has smeared Trump as a dictator and his fervent supporters as fascists; hence they have no moral qualms about lumping together both the Capitol rioters and run-of-the-mill Trump supporters. They essentially think January 2021 is May 1945 and that we all need to be denazified. It’s disturbing and concerning, especially since they’re the ones with all the institutional power.

We’re going to be in for a rough four years, guys.

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