#CNNTapes: James O’Keefe of Project Veritas Confronts CNN Hack Jeff Zucker Live on Conference Call!

Project Veritas operative and filmmaker James O’Keefe confronted CNN executive Jeff Zucker live on air during one of the network’s daily 9AM conference calls on Tuesday. O’Keefe revealed that he’s been privy to the contents of these conference calls for weeks if not months during the blunt exchange, in which network executives coordinate messaging against Donald Trump and collude in support of the Democratic Party.

O’Keefe non-chalantly dialed into CNN’s conference call and introduced himself politely to Zucker himself. The fake news kingpin declined to answer to O’Keefe’s inquiry on CNN practices, instead pretending to hang up the phone and informing network operatives that they needed a new system.

Zucker shuffles awkwardly as he realizes he’s speaking to an independent journalist as opposed to a corporate news hack, and quickly moves to shut down the conference call. He fails to reorganize the call without O’Keefe on the line, apparently unaware that the channel itself was compromised.

O’Keefe is promising to unleash a treasure trove of material from the compromised conference call at 7PM eastern time, in which CNN executives reveal the channel’s operating procedures, editorial bias, and political agenda. He’s advertising the audio as #CNNTapes, in what may be one of the biggest Project Veritas busts in the organization’s history.

The future of CNN is in jeopardy in the event that Joe Biden is inaugurated as President, with some network overseers worrying the channel’s audience will quickly lose interest if President Trump isn’t in the White House any longer. Amazon oligarch Jeff Bezos is reportedly interested in purchasing the channel from Time Warner.

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