Co-Authors of Mueller Erotica Children’s Book Have History of Alleged Online Scamming

Two brothers who are authoring a perverted children’s book in which shirtless, muscle-headed Robert Mueller saves America from evil President Donald J. Trump have a history of sketchy online activities.

“For hours, people in a south Fort Myers community off Iona Road watched as deputies and federal investigators carried dozens of boxes out of a home on Anchorage Way,” according to NBC-2. “According to property records, the home is owned by brothers, Edward and Brian Krassenstein. Neighbors said the men are not only twins but business partners.”

The incident happened in late 2016.

But the brothers have a history of alleged online grifting that dates back to the early 2000’s.

“According to prosecutors, the services the Krassensteins promoted on their websites duped thousands of “investors” into funding Ponzi scheme-type scams and even resulted in some downloading a virus that emptied their accounts on an anonymous online-payment platform used by the Krassensteins themselves, before it was shut down as part of a major federal money-laundering investigation,” wrote Daily Beast in May.

The brothers claim to have “no knowledge of the illegal activities of the companies to which they sold ads,” Daily Beast said.

But in late August 2017, a civil asset forfeiture claim was filed against the brothers in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, after Homeland Security Special Agent Michael P. Adams investigated the brothers for conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

“In particular, the Krassenstein-run sites “” and “” are discussion forums in which [High-Yield Investment Programs] HYIP operations advertise and promote their fraud schemes on potential victims,” said the claim. “Over 13 years of these sites’ existence, they have generated tens of thousands of complaints by victims of fraudulent HYIPs. Based on this fact, along with other facts set forth below, there is reasonable cause to believe that the Krassensteins would have known that they HYIPs being promoted on their sites were fraudulent. There is also reason to believe that, by partnering with the operations of these fraudulent HYIPs for the purpose of promoting the fraudulent HYIPs, Brian and Edward Krassenstein have conspired to commit wire fraud.”

HYIPs are a common form of fraudulent online investment vehicles which advertise lucrative investment returns, but instead of investing the money of the victims, it is diverted to personally enrich the people running the HYIPs.

On August 18, 2017, the Krassenstein brothers entered into a settlement agreement with the federal government, consenting to the forfeiture of $450,000 after purchasing a property with alleged wire fraud proceeds.

Now, the Krassenstein brothers have a new – albeit more legitimate – business idea.

The brothers, who are semi-famous on Twitter for trolling every Trump tweet, are attempting to profit from their newfound online personas by selling a children’s book that has questionable imagery of Special Counsel Robert Mueller dressed like a Chippendale’s male stripper. Mueller is the hero of the 54-page book, saving America from Trump’s misdeeds. many of which are completely made up:

The promotion of the book, which will be released later this year, has been met with backlash, especially from leftists who view the brothers as grifters.

Twitter user Jeremy Gibson made that point very clear:

“Can you and your brother teach me how to grift? Pretty Please?” wrote another leftist Twitter user.

“Why is Bob Mueller a Chippendale dancer,” wrote Lachlan Markay, author of the Daily Beast story on the Krassensteins online business activities who could not possibly be construed as sympathetic to Trump.

“Does Robert Moral do house call parties and if so do I have to supply the playlist?” asked user Donal Thoms-Cappello.

“This is bizarre,” said hockey analyst Travis Yost.

“Bizarre” pretty much sums it up.

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