College-Educated Women are Triggered by Donald Trump’s Presidency

President Donald Trump is leading with white voters, except in one category—white women with college degrees.

According to Ryan Girdusky, Trump has a solid grip over white men with college degrees, with 57 percent of them supporting him.

Trump has resounding support from white men without college degrees. He can count on 63 percent of them supporting him.

White women without college degrees are also a solid Trump-supporting demographic. 55 percent indicate support for Trump.

However, the story completely changes when discussing women with college degrees.

Girdusky found that only 34 percent support Trump, while 63 percent are opposed to him.

Former Trump advisor Steven Bannon may have been on to something when he said that the “Republican college-educated woman is done. They’re gone. They were going anyway at some point in time. Trump triggers them.”

Pew Research polls confirm such assertions, demonstrating that in 1994 “42 percent of women identified as or leaned Republican, as did 52 percent of men. By 2017, only 37 percent of women and 48 percent of men still did.”

However, in recent times, things have started to change.

In 1994, 48 percent of women and 39 percent of men identified as or leaned toward the Democrats. By 2017, those numbers were 56 percent of women and 44 percent of men.

It’s abundantly clear that college-educated females are a solid bloc vote for the Left. It’s very likely that this trend is set in place and won’t be reversed anytime soon. The social radicalization of college campuses has likely contributed to this trend.

The Trump campaign will have to narrow its focus on the immigration issue, which is one of the campaign planks most popular with his constituency.

The good news is that Hispanics have been receptive to Trump’s “love it or leave it” tweets.

Instead, Trump should try to specifically target patriotic Hispanics and small business owners who’ve benefited substantially from his deregulation measures.

Certain demographics like college-educated women, however, may be a lost cause.








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