College Republican Official Fired After Allegedly ‘Inspecting’ Genitals of Male Students at CPAC

A chairman with the Michigan Federation for College Republicans (MFCR) has been dismissed from his post after allegations of sexual impropriety have emerged from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Md. this past weekend.

A Michigan Republican insider has alleged that former MFCR Public Relations Chairman Dorian Thompson coerced several college-aged young men into a hotel bathroom. Using his position of authority, Thompson then allegedly demanded that the young men allow him to inspect their genitals under the threat of destroying their futures in politics if they did not comply. Thompson is denying the allegations.

Thompson is a senior majoring in political science at Grand Valley State University (GVSU), a liberal arts university in Allendale. According to a source, they may open a Title 9 investigation into Thompson’s alleged actions.

The MFCR sent out an email to chapter leaders throughout Michigan explaining their reaction to the report and why they believe the allegations to be credible:

Dear Chapter Chairs,

Yesterday, we immediately removed Mr. Thompson from his position as Public Relations Chairman upon learning about deeply troubling allegations against him. We have a zero tolerance policy on both sexual assault and harassment. We believe the victims who have bravely come forward. If anyone has any additional information, please contact the relevant authorities.

We seek to create an environment in MFCR where college students are able to make a real difference in our political process and lifelong friends. It is abhorrent to think that one of our officers abused this platform to engage in such despicable behavior, and our thoughts and prayers are with his victims. We will not fill the position of PR Chairman until convention next month. Please reach out to any of the board members with questions or if you need resources.

– The MFCR Board

Thompson is also listed as the Michigan Campus Correspondent for Campus Reform, a watchdog reporting agency that covers liberal bias at universities and colleges nationwide. He broke into politics by taking selfies with various presidential candidates in 2016 before ultimately deciding that he is a Republican and becoming an operative within the party.

“Sometimes I really hope that if I could have a big impact on politics, it’s to bring people together. That’s always kind of what I’ve been about,” he said in a video about unity posted on the official GVSU YouTube account.

Big League Politics will continue to provide updates as this breaking story develops. At the time of publication, the President of the MFCR has been contacted but has not yet responded for a comment about this story.

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