College Republicans United Announces Alliance With Youth Wing of Italy’s Populist Lega Nord Party

College Republicans United announced a new trans-Atlantic political alliance with the youth wing of Lega Nord, an Italian national-conservative political party, at the organization’s national convention on Friday in Arizona.

The declaration of friendship may represent one of the first transnational alliances between youth wings of major political parties in America and Europe in some time. Speakers at the event billed support of individual liberties, small businesses and freedoms in the face of challenges from large corporations and governments, and opposition to mass immigration and political correctness.

Davide Quadri, the International Secretary for Lega Giovani, the youth wing of Lega Nord, spoke at the convention, in addition to two other representatives of the party. Matteo Salvini, who served as deputy Prime Minister of Italy from 2018 to 2019, is affiliated with the party, building a reputation as a leader of Europe’s national populist movement for staunch opposition to globalism and illegal immigration.

The past two years have proven challenging for populist political movements on both sides of the Atlantic, but with traditional establishment politicians once more enshrined in power, it’s possible that populist leaders will regain lost momentum.

Representative Paul Gosar also spoke at the convention, slamming establishment Republicans for signing off on a National Defense Authorization Act filled with left-wing social engineering and power grabs.

College Republicans United has emerged as an alternative to establishment youth conservative organizations mired in the careerism and entrenched interests of party politics, offering a genuine and unapologetic challenge to the authoritarianism of the woke left. CRU originated with a chapter at Arizona State University, going on to federate with campus conservative groups in Iowa and Wisconsin. A California federation of College Republicans competing with an establishment group affiliated with CRU last year, bringing the total number of national CRU chapters above 25.

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