College Student BOOTED for Rejecting Booster, Even After Serious Side Effects

Diamond “Ellie” Puentes, a Union College student, was booted from campus after she refused to get a booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine, citing serious side effects she experienced after getting the original vaccine.

The student told Campus Reform that she started experiencing side effects shortly after getting the jab. Which included severe headaches, fatigue, nausea, and even autoimmune issues.

Ellie told The Epoch Times:

“I had no prior health issues before the vaccine. After getting it, I had side effects immediately. I ended up in the ER and I continue to have symptoms since then. And so when the school mandated the booster, I was reluctant to get it.”

“I sent the school out an email letting them know my concerns,” she continued. “I ended up in the ER, I’m still sick from it. I sent my paperwork from the ER, they denied that. I talked to my doctor, my doctor told me it was ‘ill-advised’ [to get the booster], nothing that I was saying was going to be accepted by the school.”

Ellie then when on to claim that “It was mandated by my school, I had to get [the vaccine]. So it wasn’t something that I had a choice in and at that point [since] I value my education. That is my goal—to get back to college.”

Like many others, Ellie had no idea about what the media and those in control of the Covid narrative have failed to admit to the general public regarding the mRNA vaccines. Like the 1 million confirmed adverse reactions and 21 thousand deaths, for example.

But even when push comes to shove, Union College has a policy that all students must get the booster, and since Ellie failed to comply, she got booted off-campus after her exemption was denied.

Here was the email sent to Ellie about the decision:

Epoch Times Photo

All this despite the medical literature stating that gastritis is a confirmed Covid-19 vaccine adverse reaction. When in fact, it’s one of 1,291!

After Ellie’s story went viral, this is what the school had to say to The Epoch Times in response to their shameful decision:

“We would welcome back this student tomorrow if she complied with our well-established policy regarding vaccinations,” they said.

“The College has granted a small number of medical exemptions to students of all backgrounds and circumstances, while denying many other requests, over the past several months. In each case, the specific rationale for a medical exemption was reviewed thoroughly by a team of medical professionals before a decision was reached,” the school concluded.

Point is, fake virtual signaling is worth more to these people and organizations than potentially threatening a young woman’s life. That’s how insane this story is.

So much for following the science.

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