College Threatens Action Against Student Who Posted ‘Pepe the Frog’ on Bulletin Board

Pepe The Frog Folsom Lake College Student Discipline

The Folsom Lake College sophomore who went viral after posting a printed photo of ‘Pepe the Frog’ to a bulletin board filled with leftist propaganda is now being investigated by the school for a hate crime, and is scheduled to defend his actions before a panel on Tuesday.

After finding the photo, the college went on an email tirade condemning the image, claiming it has been linked to white supremacists, and that the cartoon frog is a symbol of hate. Now the college is pursuing action against the student, who believes he will be kicked out of the college after a disciplinary meeting scheduled this week.

The student, who prefers to only use his first name, Hunter, told Big League Politics that he was tired of the leftist slant at his university and wanted to launch a small, quiet, protest. In response, he received a letter on February 13 demanding he set a time for the disciplinary meeting, as he has been referred to the school’s administration “for violation of District Standards of Student Conduct.”

Pepe The Frog Folsom Lake College Student Discipline

“They’re making it seem like I’m some racist who posted a swastika,” Hunter told Big League Politics, “I’m not racist. Pepe isn’t a racist symbol. The only reason is that Pepe is used by people who support Trump, and they think Trump is a Nazi.”

“My conservative friend’s great grandparents died in the Holocaust. He’s not a Nazi and Pepe is not a racist symbol.”

Hunter, who is studying to become an Emergency Medical Technician, says he pinned the Pepe cartoon to the bulletin board because it was strewn with blatant left wing propaganda about socialism, anti-fascism, gender theory, and radical environmentalism.

I did it because it’s my duty as an American to speak out and protest an ideology that has killed millions and is actively trying to destroy the American way of life,” said Hunter, “I’m a hard working American and am being persecuted for family values, tradition, and loving my country.”

It’s my right to free speech and everyone’s that’s under attack by the liberal college system.

Pepe The Frog Folsom Lake College Student Discipline

The disciplinary meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, and Hunter says he plans to record the entire proceeding, and that he will be wearing a Pepe pin on his tie and an American flag cape to the meeting.

I’ll also be recording the entire conversation,” he told Big League Politics, “And I’m wearing my Pepe pin on my Gucci tie.”

Big League Politics will continue to monitor this story, and plans to release the recording of the meeting after it takes place.

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