Colombia Opposes United States Proposal to Provide Ukraine With Russian-Made Weapons

On January 24, 2023, Colombian President Gustavo Petro rejected a United States proposal for Colombia to send Russian-made weapons to Ukraine. During this announcement, Petro said that the US suggested this plan to Colombia. 

“During a conversation with [US] General [Laura] Richardson and other US officials, I was told that due to [Colombia’s] inability to maintain [Russian-made weapons] in active service, they were ready to do so and send it to Ukraine,” Petro recounted, when responding to a question from TASS.

Per the president, Colombia’s Russian-made military equipment currently finds itself in a poor technical state, due to how there was no opportunity to refurbish it lately.

“We are not taking anyone’s side. We are on the side of peace. That is why not a single piece of Russian equipment on our territory, regardless of its technical condition, will be used in this conflict,” Petro emphasized.

Commander of United States Southern Command Laura Richardson previously said that Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and 6 other Latin American countries are using Russian military equipment and the US was making efforts to “replace that with US equipment, if those countries want to donate it to Ukraine.”

Colombia has historically been one of the most reliable allies for the US. it could always be counted on to slavishly follow the US’s orders. 

However, with the recent election of Gustavo Petro, the game has changed. Petro has mixed things up by willing to court all actors, even the US’s geopolitical rivals.

The multipolar world is rearranging many traditional partnerships and alliances. Most foreign policy pundits aren’t prepared for the shockwaves that lie ahead.

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