Colorado Bill Grants Attorney General Power to Study “Misinformation”

In Colorado, lawmakers introduced a proposal that allocates $150,000 to a Colorado Attorney General-conducted by study on online “disinformation” and “misinformation. 

The bill in question, Senate Bill 084, was passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 3-2 vote, compels the attorney general to craft  initiatives calling for “respectful engagement” while carrying out research on web-based information dissemination practices. The attorney general’s office is slated to provide  the legislative body with study results by March 1, 2025. These study results will subsequently be used to determine whether to move ahead with the proposed bill.

Colorado State Senator Bob Gardner and State Senator Julie Gonzales manifested concerns with respect to the legislation cost of $150,000.

Gonzales’ misgivings were only about the money, not the potential threat it posed to free speech. Gonzales ended up backing the policy, voting alongside her Democrat co-partisans and advancing the bill to the appropriations stage. On the other hand, the two Republican members on the judiciary committee voted against the legislation.

State Senator Lisa Cutter put forward the bill, which underscored the urgent need to research “deliberate disinformation” operations allegedly carried out by foreign agents within the US.

Cutter highlighted her dedication to free speech and threw out concerns about potential violations, declaring “I believe deeply in the First Amendment and its protections for individuals to be able to speak their minds.”

Misinformation and disinformation are the latest boogiemen that the cultural Left are obsessing about. This is merely a ruse to justify major infringements against the First Amendment.

The ruling class has to scare the public into giving up its civil liberties. It does so by slow-rolling terms such as disinformation to condition the public into accepting escalating forms of tyranny.

The Right has to be prepared to smoke out these dastardly plots.

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