Colorado Father Shot Dead at Point Blank Range in Restaurant – Killer Danced in Celebration

A Colorado man and father of a 1-year old boy was shot and killed in a seemingly random event at a Miami, Florida restaurant, with the arrested suspect going on to dance in celebration after the killing.

21-year old Dustin Wakefield was pronounced dead after the shooting at La Cerveceria de Barrio in Miami. Wakefield, a resident of Castle Rock, Colorado, was visiting Miami.

Witnesses describe Wakefield as eating a meal with his family, when he was approached by 22-year old Tamarius Davis, a Georgia resident.

There was a guy sitting at the table with all of his family, and kids and everything. And the guy went there, and shot the guy, three times,” a restaurant employee said of the killing. One witness described seeing Davis withdraw a gun from his backpack and fire a round randomly outside the restaurant.

In shocking fashion, a man resembling Davis could be seen dancing and swaying in celebratory fashion after the murder, with witnesses screaming after he shot and killed a man at point-blank range.

Davis has since been charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. Miami Police state that Davis confessed to the shooting in interrogations after his arrest, and claimed to have been intoxicated on hallucinogenic mushrooms during the crime. Davis is being held without bond at a correctional facility.

Wakefield is white, and Davis is black. Police haven’t spoken of a possible motive in the shooting yet, which appeared to be a random act of violence.

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