Colorado Governor Jared Polis Signs 4 Anti-Gun Bills Into Law

In the final week of April, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed four bills that will undermine Second Amendment rights in the Rocky Mountain State. These bills consist of a mandatory waiting period for gun purchases, the scrapping of liability safeguards for manufacturers and vendors, the deprivation of young adults’ right to buy firearms, and broadening the state’s “red flag” confiscation order.

House Bill 23-1219 effectively delays gun rights rights by mandating a three-day waiting period prior to an individual receiving a firearm they legally perceived. 

Senate Bill 23-168 gets rid of limited liability protections for firearms manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and importers. This bill grants individuals the power to file civil suits against firearm  and ammunition manufacturers and sellers for simply selling a firearm.

Senate Bill 23-169 infringes on the gun rights of young adults in the age range of 18 to 20 by banning  them from purchasing firearms.

Senate Bill 23-170 builds upon  Colorado’s “red flag” gun confiscation order by allowing law enforcement to seize firearms based on flimsy speculation and hearsay evidence without any respect for due process. As the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action noted “Such orders are designed to empower the government to confiscate Americans’ firearms and indefinitely delay Second Amendment rights.”

Colorado is clearly continuing its move in an anti-gun direction. This has been a two decade process that has witnessed a relatively pro-gun state backslide into anti-gun tyranny over the last years. Colorado is currently ranked in 40th place according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings. 

The Rocky Mountain State will likely fall further down these rankings once these bills are fully implemented. 

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