Colorado Rockies Fan Accused of Shouting N-Word at Player on Opposing Team Was Actually Yelling Name of Rockies Mascot

A Colorado Rockies fan accused of shouting the N-word at a player on the opposing team was actually trying to get the attention of the Rockies’ mascot.

The organization confirmed the news to Steve Staeger of 9NEWS Denver, who reported that the Rockies worked with their local broadcaster and spoke with the fan as part of their investigation.

Video from Sunday’s game between the Rockies and Miami Marlins shows a man behind home plate looking and pointing to his right while yelling “Dinger,” the name of the Rockies mascot. But many people assumed he was shouting the N-word at Marlins player Lewis Brinson, who was batting at the time.


Staeger reported that no one on the field heard a racial slur, including Brinson. Presumably he or someone else would’ve stopped the game to single the fan out if he were actually shouting the N-word, given how close he was to home plate and how audible his shouting was.

Staeger also said he spoke to the fan, who did not wish to be publicly identified. He said he was trying to get a picture with Dinger, his wife, and his grandkids.

“He’s pretty devastated that people heard him the wrong way,” he added. “He didn’t hear about any of this until his daughter called him today. […] He then saw how much the story has blown up. He’s nervous about what happens next.”

The Rockies initially condemned the so-called “racial slur” and said they were investigating the incident Sunday night. By Monday afternoon, four hours after Staeger’s report, the organization had released a second statement confirming the outcome of their investigation.

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