Colorado Secretary of State Took Orders From Planned Parenthood to Orchestrate Alabama Boycott

A recently-released report has shown that the Colorado secretary of state took orders from Planned Parenthood before she announced her state’s sanctions against Alabama for taking a pro-life stand.

Secretary of State Jena Griswold (D-CO) announced on Thursday that she would restrict travel of employees to Alabama because of their new law banning abortions in most situations. She took her marching orders from Planned Parenthood beforehand, according to a 9News report.

In her declaration, Griswald said the Colorado Election Center should relocate their training away from Alabama. Planned Parenthood told Griswald to alter her declaration to exclude a statement from her speech that all relevant training was available in Denver, in order to make the ban seem more dramatic for the cameras.

Griswald also heeded advice based on Planned Parenthood’s polling data to remove language about choice from her speech. This indicates that the pro-abortion movement is no longer about choice, but rather forcing society to deal with the abortion-on-demand agenda and its cultural impacts.

“We don’t recommend using right to choose/pro-life/pro-choice language anymore,” Planned Parenthood told Griswold, adding that choice language “turns folks off.”

Planned Parenthood have been the loudest opponents to Alabama’s anti-abortion measure, HB 314. They claim the legislation, now signed into law, “would be a death sentence for women across this state.” They are expected to challenge the law in the courts, who they anticipate will be in their corner to overturn the ban against the will of the people.

“Governor Ivey, we will see you in court. We’ve never lost a case that we fought in Alabama, so the good news is probably that these laws won’t take effect,” boasted Staci Fox, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast.

Yellow Hammer News noted the failure of Planned Parenthood in recent years in Alabama. They spent $1.5 million in an attempt to defeat Amendment Two, a measure to put pro-life language into the state constitution, in Nov. 2018. It still passed easily despite their opposition.

Nevertheless, Planned Parenthood remains on the march attempting to build a new clinic in Birmingham despite heavy protests. As more states pass similar abortion bans, the issue has never been more contentious across the country.

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