Colorado Signs Red Flag Gun Confiscation Bill Into Law

On Friday April 12, 2019, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed HB19-1177, Colorado’s red flag gun confiscation bill, into law.

Colorado now joins 14 other states in adopting “red flag” gun confiscation laws.

This law came with considerable controversy as evidenced by its passage in the Colorado Senate by just one vote. On top of that, BLP reported on numerous counties in Colorado that plan to not enforce this law because of its Second Amendment violations. Additionally, Weld County sheriff Steve Reams has declared that he would not enforce red flag gun confiscation laws.

Supporters contend that this law will prevent suicides, mass shootings, and other acts of gun violence. Governor Jared Polis told the The Denver Post “This law will not prevent every shooting, but it can be used in a targeted way.”

The Governor added, “Today we may be saving the life of your nephew, your niece, your grandchild.”

Momentum for red flag laws is growing across the nation and now even the federal government is considering its own iteration. Senator Lindsey Graham is currently drafting his own red flag bill which has generated considerable backlash from no compromise gun rights organizations like Gun Owners of America.

Red flag will be one of the biggest gun control fights in the upcoming months for Second Amendment supporters.

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