Colorado State Board Will Replace the Term “Sex Offender” With New Terminology

A Colorado state agency tasked with overseeing the registration, parole and rehabilitation of sex offenders will no longer utilize the term ‘sex offender’ in some circumstances, in a move critics worry could lead to the whitewashing of sexual crimes.

Authorities of Colorado’s Sex Offender Management Board voted to no longer refer to sex offenders with the phrase in a 10-6 vote on Friday. The board has voted to replace the phrase with “adults who commit sexual offenses.”

Colorado lawmakers had briefly considered a proposal to eliminate the phrase “sexually violent predators” from the state’s criminal code last year, before shelving the proposal. A task force in the state is urging the governor and legislature to replace phrases such as “felon,” “convict,” and “defendant,” instituting “justice-involved people” as an alternative.

Rape victim and Second Amendment advocate Kimberly Corbin spoke at the state board’s meeting to criticize the move, accusing the left-wing prosecutors and public defenders spearheading the decisions of ignoring the concerns and interests of those victimized by sexual crimes in the state.

Only the Colorado State Legislature can change the name of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board, preventing the organization’s board members from unilaterally changing the name itself. The change in policy doesn’t remove the term sex offender from Colorado state law, either.

At least one convicted sex offender spoke at Friday’s board meeting, arguing that it would be inappropriate for the state to designate him with the label of sex offender over a crime he committed earlier in his life.

Probationary and oversight programs for sex offenders actually aren’t in place in every US state just because the public is uniquely opposed to their crimes. Psychological studies of sex offenders indicate that they are at a high risk of recidivism because of sexually compulsive tendencies that lead to the crimes.

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