Colorado State Rep Blasts Dan Crenshaw’s Support for Red Flag Laws

Colorado State Representative Dave Williams attacked Dan Crenshaw’s support for red flag legislation.
BLP reported on Crenshaw’s capitulation to anti-gun forces when he decided to voice his support for red flag gun confiscation orders and The Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act.
Williams quickly responded to a video Crenshaw made that rationalized his decision.
Federal legislation should be a nonstarter. Secondly, any pre-crime law enforcement states try to impose should be dismissed out right. We shouldn’t upend the presumption of innocence or take people’s property without a criminal conviction beyond reasonable doubt. #2A #Trump

Under red flag laws, an individual’s firearms can be confiscated simply based on the suspicion that they may be perceived to be a threat to themselves or others.

Unlike other Republicans such as Lindsey Graham, Williams sees the due process destroying aspects of red flag laws.

According to his Twitter biography, Williams is the “First Latino elected as Representative for Colorado House District 15″, which ranges from Colorado Springs to Cimarron Hills in El Paso County.

Williams is part of a growing contingent of liberty Republicans across the nation who stand firmly against unconstitutional gun control schemes coming out of D.C.

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