Comedian Owen Benjamin’s YouTube Channel Was Down (It’s Back Up, For Now)

UPDATE: Benjamin’s channel is back up, for now

Not to be outdone by fellow tech giants, comedian and free speech advocate, Owen Benjamin’s YouTube channel is inaccessible and there’s no clear timeline of when it’ll be back online, if ever.

Benjamin broadcasts daily live streams similar to a radio show on his channel to his thousands of subscribers. His fan base, nicknamed The Unbearables, has grown rapidly due to the daily streams, leading to him receiving over $4,000 in support each month from the crowd funding site Patreon.

There is a chance that this is just a glitch with YouTube’s tech, as it gives a “500 Internal Server Error” when you try to visit his page.

Hopefully that’s the case, but as we’ve seen with the SJWs in Silicon Valley, it’s only a matter of time before they target voices that don’t fit within their narrow view of the world.

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