Comey closes his Twitter DMs after people kept sending him hilarious messages

DonkeyHotey Flickr, Creative Commons

Former FBI Director James B. Comey Jr. has finally joined Twitter with an account using his real name, and he foolishly kept his messages open so that anyone could send him one.

When you join the social media platform you have the open of allowing any user to message you — or only those you follow.

For a day, Comey allowed anyone with something to say to directly message his account — resulting in Lone Conservative founder Kassy Dillon launching the hilarious hashtag #DMComey with a question about his feelings about Games of Thrones character Stannis Baratheon.

The important questions kept rolling in.

Other users simply sent photos of their cats.

A user named Peter D’Abrosca‏ may have won the best-message prize however, with a poem.

“James and Jill looked into Hill and read some Clinton emails. James went live, the election was tied, and Clinton’s crimes were detailed. James got blamed, and he was shamed, until the Don was elected. James lost his job, Clinton said he was robbed, and James was left defective,” the poet wrote.

By Tuesday evening, Comey had shut the fun down by locking his messages other than to the 19 people he follows, which includes the Onion, Lawfare Editor-in-chief Benjamin Wittes and two founders of the public relations firm Javelin.

It remains unclear if Comey responded to any of the hundreds of messages — but as of press time, it appears that he did not.

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