COMEY: ‘Who Cares?’ Who Paid For Dossier


Fired former FBI director James Comey continues to undermine his credibility as more details of his behind-closed-doors testimony with House Republicans come to light.

House Oversight chairman Rep. Mark Meadows revealed that Comey blamed Republicans for the dossier and said “who cares?” when asked who funded it.

The dossier — contents of which were kicked to conspirator Michael Isikoff at Yahoo News to report it straight and get FISA warrants to spy on President Trump’s team — is thoroughly debunked. The fraudulent means by which the FISA’s were obtained represents a growing scandal for the “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” conspiracy team.

Fired former FBI director James Comey got cornered by House Republicans who clearly decided to up their game during his second closed-door testimony in front of the outgoing GOP majority on the Oversight and Judiciary Committees.

“I know on their way out they seem to be wanting to play defense now for the President and want to do everything in their power to bring doubt regarding the Mueller investigation,” said a shaken Democrat Elijah Cummings to a reporter, referring to the recently more-aggressive Republicans.

Here are Comey’s hallway remarks, in which he notably did not deny that he leaked classified information when he leaked his memos to the press.

James Comey’s friend, Columbia University professor Daniel Richman, leaked classified information that Comey gave him. During this leaking period, Richman was apartment-building neighbors with a partner at the law firm that strategized with Fusion GPS operative Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian plant who set up Don Jr. in Trump Tower.

“Yes, he is my neighbor,” Amy Wenzel, a partner at Cozen O’Connor, confirmed in a phone conversation with Big League Politics, confirming that they spoke. They live near each other in a Brooklyn high-rise.

Cozen O’Connor managing partner Howard Schweitzer is listed here on a DOJ form from an investigation into the breaking of lobbying laws by Russians trying to repeal the Magnitsky Act — which was just a front to get Russians in the room with Don Jr. It turns out that Natalia Veselnitskaya was actually operating out of the Cozen O’Connor offices.

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