‘Commie As F***’: Senior Engineer Says Twitter “Does Not Believe In Free Speech”

Surprise surprise, Twitter does not believe in free expression! A new drop by the journalists at Project Veritas Monday night showed a senior Twitter employee describing the big tech platform’s workplace culture as one that is very anti-free speech and encourages communist-type behavior.

The senior engineer, Siru Murugesan, explained that the platform censors conservative points all the time as they will often simply put up with it. He also told an undercover Project Veritas journalist that the vast majority of Twitter employees are extremely far-left, even going as far to describe them as socialists or communists.

“Like I started working at Twitter and became left. I think it’s just like the environment, like you’re there and you become like this commie.”


Upon being asked by the undercover Project Veritas journalist if he thinks there is a difference between Elon Musk’s definition of free speech and that of Twitter’s, Murugesan promptly replied “Twitter does not believe in free speech. Elon believes in free speech.”

The senior employee was then asked how Twitter does not believe in free speech, to which he explained, “cause Twitter wants to censor bullying and harassment. The idea of free speech is that you can bully and harass people. And Twitter does not believe in this value as a platform.”

Murugesan also discussed Twitter’s transgender policies as an example of a sensitive matter in which right-wing and left-wing viewpoints fundamentally differ.

“Ideologically, it does not make sense like, because we’re actually censoring the right, and not the left. So, everyone on the right wing will be like, ‘bro, it’s okay to stay, just gotta tolerate it.’ The left will be like, no, I’m not gonna tolerate it. I need it censored or else I’m not gonna be on the platform.”

“So, it does that on the right. It’s true. There is bias. It is what it is today,” the Twitter employee said.

Another highlight moment of the video included Murugesan’s explanation of what is essentially Twitter’s ‘commie culture.’ The senior engineer noted that company management allows people to abandon their job whenever they feel like it in the name of preserving their “mental health.” Murugesan said that some people will take off of work for months at a time — all while implicitly receiving their full salary.

“Essentially like everyone gets to do whatever they want, no one really cares about like [operating expenses], like capitalists, they care about numbers or care about how to make the business more efficient. But in Twitter, it’s like mental health is everything, like if you are not feeling it, you can take a few days off. People have taken months off, they will come back. But you always like, like do your best at any time. And that’s the culture and you know we’ll run the business as much as possible. But at the same time, you know, like the profits weren’t a lot.”

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