COMPELLED SPEECH: Canadian Court Orders Pastor To Tell Congregation His Views Contradict “Medical Experts”

A Canadian judge is ordering a Christian pastor to speak about what the judge claims is the scientific consensus of “medical experts,” compelling speech as a sentence for violating Canada’s draconian mask and coronavirus state of emergency laws.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid were sentenced this week for inciting citizens to violate Canada’s coronavirus obedience laws, having been previously convicted of contempt of court in an Alberta Court.

The second any scientific theory is ordered as a mandatory belief on the part of the state, it ceases being legitimate scientific inquiry and becomes a religion in its own right. The sentencing judge criminalized the men for encouraging their congregations and members of the public to assemble as citizens of a free country and refrain from wearing a face mask.

Artur is being fined $23,000 Canadian dollars, and must serve 18 months on probation. As a condition of his sham conviction, the Christian Pastor must “place the other side of the argument on the record,” and is being forced to defend the government’s demands for obedience to coronavirus rules. Pawlowski will be forced to propagate claims that assert social distancing and masks are necessary, even as increasing evidence suggests wearing masks has been a waste of time with little to no antiviral utility since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

A CBC report on Justice Adam Germain’s ruling quotes the authoritarian judge as declaring “that if the three pandemic-denying, anti-mask leaders continued to preach to their followers, they must also present the perspective of medical experts.” Examples of literal compelled speech ordered by governments are rare in democratic societies in modern times, with the judge’s order more closely resembling occasional edicts attempting to coerce Christians into worshiping the Roman Emperor as a god in Antiquity.

Pawlowski’s conviction appears to be enough to make the tyrants of Fascist Australia jealous.

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