Confederate Flags Found in Beto O’Rourke’s Prep School Yearbook

Democrat candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke attended Woodberry Forest Prep School in Virginia, where Confederate flag photos were found in his all boys’ prep school yearbook.

O’Rourke recently made surprising comments about breaking up privilege in America, considering his own privileged background and the wealth of his wife Amy Hoover Sanders O’Rourke, who was profiled by Town and Country.

O’Rourke attended Woodberry Forest prep school, which is one of the most expensive prep schools in America. He was known there as “Robert.” The current tuition at Woodberry Forest plus room and board is registered at $57,250 per year.

Brent Scher reports:

It is in the space reserved for pictures of different groups that the Confederate flags can be found. Both the North Carolina Club and the Georgia Club (the school boasts a student body from states across the country) chose to feature the “Stars and Bars” in their yearbook submissions.

Pictures of the clubs in the previous year, when O’Rourke was also enrolled, similarly feature the flag.

There was also a Texas Club at the school, but O’Rourke does not appear to have been a member. The Texas Club did not showcase any Confederate flags in its yearbook entry.

Free Beacon passage ends

Beto O’Rourke, formerly known by the moniker Psychedelic Warlord, is under fire for his role in the hacking group Cult of the Dead Cow. Now, some of his poetry is reportedly coming to light, including the poem, “The Song of the Cow.”

Beto’s team has not responded to our request for comment on the content of O’Rourke’s poem “The Song of the Cow.”

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