Confederate History in North Carolina Attacked By The Democrats

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Confederate History in North Carolina  is under attack by the Democrat Party.  On August 15, 2017 in  Durham North Carolina an unruly mob destroyed  a  Confederate Memorial statue of an unnamed man that had stood since 1924 at the Court House. There had been no public debate or discussion on the Confederate Monuments in the State, including that particular statue.

Governor Roy Cooper turned to Social Media and released the following video in support of his cry to remove the Confederate Statues.

Mr. Cooper has made this decision alone, and is in opposition to what Governor Pat McCrory signed last year to protect these very Monuments.

It was reported here in BLP that the Cooper Administration disregarded a Joint sessions resolution to fly the Confederate Flag in May  2017 , on  North Carolina Confederate Memorial Day, because the man responsible for flying that flag, Mr. Cherry,  on that day had phone problems.

Mr. Cherry finally referred the questions about his behavior to the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources, where investigation lead to a number of emails that were incoherent and nonsensical about what the procedure would be in the future for North Carolina Citizens to ensure that joint resolution was honored for the Confederate Flag to fly on Confederate Memorial Day.

It was reported to BLP by an anonymous source who works near the Confederate Monument in Durham, that there was a lot of activity at the Confederate Monuments that he had not noticed in the past.

Then the Monument in Durham was attacked in the afternoon of August 15.

On August 15  Late Night,  it was reported to BLP that there were what appeared two protestors  seen at night  the Confederate Monuments in the downtown Raleigh Area and Police Cars in the area with their lights on.

On August 16  AM another anonymous source reported to BLP that it was witnessed that police cars with sirens on, were at the monuments and had removed two people.

On August 17 it was reported to Big League Politics that the Downtown Raleigh Statues were being protected by up to 7 parked Police Cars.

That area is temporarily safe from angry mobs.

However, that same day, as reported in the  local N&O , there were other oddities in the Raleigh area this week.

And all of this activism must cost some money, and so explains Wayne Goodman’s fundraising letter.

It is important to know that This is not an organic movement.  This anti-Confederate History movement does not represent the Citizens of North Carolina.  We are not in Race War.  North Carolinians do not hate each other and are not Nazis or KKK.

Roy Cooper is not serving the public, but he is serving an agenda of the Democrat Party and they need us to fear each other.

The following is a letter from the NCDNC asking for funds to pay for more hatred against innocent citizens.

Add your name: tell the General Assembly to tear down every Confederate monument in our state.


The racist, hate-inspired events this past weekend by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia represent a true gut-check moment for every one of us — a crossroads where we must all stop to ask ourselves: who are we, what do we value, and where are we headed as a people?

Joe, here’s a simple truth: Confederate monuments, including those here in North Carolina, idolize the darkest, most shameful moments in our history and too often are used to justify hatred and bigotry. They must come down, immediately.

Yesterday, Governor Cooper called for the removal of Confederate monuments in our state, a call our party echoed — but, once again, our Republican-led General Assembly stands in his way.

North Carolina law makes it illegal for local communities to remove or relocate these statues. That law rips away authority from our small towns and counties — and gives it to the Republican-led General Assembly. No more.

We cannot begin to heal as North Carolinians and Americans until we face our past, together, and do what’s right. So the time has come to tear these Confederate monuments down — but first, we have to repeal the law that prevents local communities from doing so.

I’m calling on Republicans, Democrats, and every concerned North Carolinian to say that hate has no home in our state.

Add your name to join me — tell the General Assembly to repeal this law today:




Wayne Goodwin
North Carolina Democratic Party






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