CONFIRMED: Broward County Sheriff’s Office Stood Outside and Let The Shooting Happen

Sheriff Scott Israel’s Broward County Sheriff’s Office made a concerted effort to not enter the Parkland high school during February’s mass shooting, instead allowing the shooting to happen.

The mainstream media is finally reporting on police and emergency scanner audio tapes that show the full extent of the Sheriff’s Office’s complicity in the horror at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“Do not approach the 12 or 1300 building, stay at least 500 feet away,” Sheriff’s Office deputy Scot Peterson said over radio dispatch, disproving his claim that he didn’t go inside the school because he was ordered not to do so if he didn’t have body cameras on. School surveillance footage has still not been released, and is unlikely to ever be released.

Big League Politics first reported on audiotapes showing that the Sheriff’s Office set up a perimeter around the high school during the shooting, after learning that multiple people were shot dead inside the high school. The police dispatcher ordered police to “hold all perimeters” while the shooter was still at large. Thirty minutes after learning of the active shooter situation, the Sheriff’s Office was still holding its perimeter and dispatchers were reporting “The shooter is not down. The shooter is not down.”

Our reporting proved that Israel’s office lied by claiming that they only set up a perimeter around the school AFTER the shooting, not during the shooting. In fact, they set up a perimeter four minutes after learning that people were shot dead inside.

Sheriff Scott Israel has an opponent running for his position who has tried to warn people for years about Israel’s office’s Muslim ties and his lack of commitment to the safety of the community.

“Since Scott Israel seems to be un-concerned about law enforcement, if I had been smarter I would have seen something coming,” David Rosenthal told Big League Politics. Rosenthal has been smeared in local media as an Islamaphobic bigot while Israel, a prominent friend of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, has been celebrated.

David Rosenthal says he first decided to run for sheriff in 2015 after Israel hired Nezar Hamze, a controversial Muslim deputy to Israel. As we reported, Hamze spoke Arabic at a Muslim meeting alongside Israel and pledged to the crowd that Israel told him to put God first and the community third. Israel boasted that his goal is to keep young people out of jail, and to put young people in a program where they would be monitored. Nikolas Cruz, obviously, was in that program.

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