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CONFIRMED: Leigh Corfman Had Sexual Relationship with Her Own Lawyer

The complicated tale of Leigh Corfman has taken another strange, dark turn.



Roy Moore Accuser Relationship With Lawyer

Legal depositions confirm that Leigh Corfman, who accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexually molesting her at age 14 during the 2017 race, had a sexual relationship with Eddie Sexton, her former lawyer, and that they dated as teenagers.

In a deposition for the ongoing legal battle between Corfman and Moore, Sexton confirmed to the court that he dated the Moore accuser as a teenager. Sexton claimed they dated when he was around 17 and she was around 15.

Their difference in age and timeline of their lives and dating seems to suggest Corfman may have been as young as 13 and Sexton 15 when the troubled teenage girl dated Sexton, the older future attorney.

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Sexton maintained he did not have a sexual relationship with Corfman during the time they dated as teenagers, but went on to confirm that the two did later have sexual relations. After repeated questioning, Sexton refused to explain when the sexual relationship began and ended. It is unclear whether Corfman and her future lawyer were dating at the time of their sexual relationship.

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Strangely, it took several objections from Corfman’s lawyer before Sexton would answer the question regarding their relationship, and after more back and forth between lawyer, he refused to answer the question about when the sexual relationship began.

Legal documents also reveal that, around the time Corfman began dating Sexton, she had recently been placed in her father’s custody in a mutual arrangement reached by her divorced parents. According to a 1979 legal document, Corfman was experiencing “certain disciplinary and behavior issues” that led the parents to believe should benefit from her father’s presence.

It should be noted that this may implicate Corfman in two lies. In a 2017 interview with TODAY, Corfman seemed to suggest the alleged event with Moore led her engage in behavior and to descend on a type of downward spiral that took “decades” to recover from, though the 1979 legal document reveals her parents were already worried about her behavior prior to this event.

Additionally, in the same TODAY interview, Corfman claimed she was not allowed to date by her parents during this time. Sexton directly contradicted this claim by admitting in the deposition that he and Corfman were in a relationship as teenagers, when Corfman would have been under 15 years of age. Corfman entered her father’s custody several months before her 15th birthday.

Interestingly, in a previous deposition, it was revealed that Sexton claimed Corfman “eff’d everyone in Gadsden” and that her father threw “sex parties when [Corfman] was young,” and that Corfman was “put in with that as a young girl.”

Big League Politics reported:

Another stunning statement from the deposition claims that Corfman’s father, a doctor, held “sex parties when [Corfman] was young,” and that Corfman was “put in with that as a young girl.”

Sexton also noted that he planned to drop Corfman as a client because he did not believe her claims, and at least one Breitbart reporter said that Sexton “Sat there several times talking s*** about his client [Corfman],” according to Lantrip’s deposition.

Even legal observers inclined to disbelieve Corfman’s claims are unfounded were shocked to learn even Corfman’s own legal team did not believe her.

Moore recently declared his candidacy for the 2020 senatorial race in Alabama, hoping to unseat Democrat Doug Jones, who was buoyed to his position due to both the allegations against Moore and a propaganda campaign titled Project Birmingham, aimed at associating Moore with fictitious Russian Twitter accounts.


Campaign 2020

REVOLT: Angry Conservatives Threaten to Boycott Georgia Senate Races Unless Full Vote Audit Takes Place

They have had enough of the feckless GOP.



There is a groundswell of grassroots conservatives who are refusing to help the Republican candidates win in the Georgia senate run-off elections unless the state Republican Party gets serious about the recount and vote audit.

Donald Trump Jr., Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier and American Greatness senior fellow Ned Ryun are trying to head off this anti-GOP revolt at the pass.

However, enraged conservatives are not having it. They are sick and tired of their elected officials refusing to stand strong and demand electoral accountability in the aftermath of third-world style rigging caused by rapacious and crooked Democrats.

Big League Politics has reported on the cavalcade of anomalies that have occurred in Georgia, while the Republicans in charge of the state, led by Gov. Brian Kemp, are content to look the other way and excuse massive fraud:

A Fulton County, Georgia woman is describing handling a “pristine” batch of ballots that were marked “98%” of the time for Joe Biden in election recount duties, describing the suspicious phenomenon in a sworn affidavit.

Susan Voyles identifies herself as a participant in Georgia’s post-election recount in the affidavit, filed in litigation against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger by Trump campaign attorney Lin Wood.

Voyles describes seeing ballots that differed considerably from the other ballots she was entrusted to count in the remix.

Voyles describes the batch of ballots as unusual in their texture and level of handling, and that she estimates 98% of them were cast for Joe Biden. Voyles even speculates that these ballots could’ve been processed through a ballot-marking device!

Voyles earlier described election recount supervisors as tasking them to process ballots in a “selective” fashion. Boxes of absentee ballots were signed by no one, without markings one might expect the Georgia Secretary of State to outfit absentee ballots with.

Another witness describes viewing election workers count 500 straight ballots for Joe Biden, all of which were marked with perfect black bubbles.

Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell has pledged that the campaign’s legal filing in Georgia will be “biblical,” implying a great deal of evidence in regards to election discrepancies.

The Trump campaign has demanded a new recount after the first one was little more than a perfunctory cherade.

“Today, the Trump campaign filed a petition for recount in Georgia,” the campaign said in a statement on Saturday. “We are focused on ensuring that every aspect of Georgia State Law and the U.S. Constitution are followed so that every legal vote is counted.”

The Republican Party may have a mutiny on their hands if they do not get serious about stopping voter fraud and do so very quickly. With their nation hanging by a thread and the constitution at stake, conservatives have no more tolerance for RINOs among their ranks.

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