GUN GRAB: Chicago Suburb Bans “Assault Weapons,” Standard Capacity Magazines

The Village of Deerfield, which is a suburb of Chicago, IL, banned “assault weapons,” and magazines holding over ten rounds, which they incorrectly refer to as “high capacity magazines.”

Anyone in possession of what they define as an “assault weapon” or “high capacity magazine” after June 13, 2018 will be fined $1,000, and an additional fine per day that it is kept in their possession.

The city includes a myriad of arbitrary restrictions on what guns can be owned in the suburb, including most rifles with detachable magazines.

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This is the dream of the gun grabbers going into effect in one of the most dangerous cities in America. Gun control has done nothing to stop their problems in the past, and this ordinance will do nothing buy restrict law-abiding citizens.

When the left says they aren’t coming for your guns, don’t believe them.



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