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CONFLICT: Cohen Prosecutor’s Wife’s Firm Is Being Investigated By The Trump Administration



The New York deputy U.S. Attorney who accepted Michael Cohen’s plea deal, Robert Khuzami, is married to a lobbyist whose Chicago-based clearing house is currently being investigated by President Donald Trump’s SEC director.

This clear conflict of interest taints the case being waged against Trump through Cohen, according to Washington insiders.

The anti-Trump conspirators are changing their strategy. Since Robert Mueller found no Russian collusion and his team is tainted by Clinton conflicts of interest and ethical breaches, the conspirators are now  focusing on the Cohen case waged by the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York. Mueller is not going to score, so Democrats are banking on Khuzami instead.

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Fired former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, whose former underlings are now running the ship on the anti-Trump case, is making the new strategy clear:

But Khuzami and his team are colored by their own conflicts of interest.

Khuzami was the general counsel of Deutsche Bank, which has taken a sizable hit due to Trump tariffs and the Brexit election, prompting the bank to advocate against protectionist trade policies. The Deutsche Bank CEO has spoken out against Trump’s policies and in favor of so-called “free trade.”

Khuzami’s wife Julie Bauer is senior vice president of Options Clearing Corporation since September 2016. She previously handled government relations for FINRA.

The Wall Street Journal report just this month: “The company tasked with curbing risk in the U.S. options market is under investigation by federal regulators for how it handled a recent period of market turbulence, according to people familiar with the matter. The probes from the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission include concerns that Options Clearing Corp. failed to accurately forecast how much cash would be needed to cover trading losses triggered by a spike in volatility last February, some of the people said.”

How interesting!

A well-connected Washington insider tells Big League Politics about the anti-Trump plotters’ change in strategy:

“Mueller and Rosenstein are smart enough to realize that the Special Counsel is too tainted to be effective due to the corruption uncovered about Strzok, Ohr and Steele. I suspect they realize that in order to draw away Republicans in an impeachment trial, they need to faint a clean investigative unit. So their strategy was to go after Trump through Cohen in New York. They either knew or were sure that the New York appointed US Attorney Geoffrey Berman would recuse himself and that would leave Preet Bharara’s leftovers.”


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FRAUD: Project Veritas Exposes Industrial Scale Minnesota Ballot Harvesting Scheme

Sickening fraud.



Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe uncovered what appears to be an industrial-scale ballot harvesting and election fraud operation in Minnesota, in which a campaign operative for Minneapolis city councilman Jamal Osman admitted to possessing the ballots of up to three hundred members of the local Somali community.

When an undercover whistleblower asked another Osman associate who was filling out the ballots, he confirmed that “people who work with Ilhan Omar” were doing so.

This is a serious election felony. Minnesota law only enables one person to turn in the ballots of three individuals, seeking to prevent this kind of electioneering and vote harvesting.

Just today we got 300 ballots for Jamal Osman.

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The election operatives appear to be harvesting ballots from elderly members of the Somali community, who live in a housing development called Horn Towers.

Another whistleblower described the corruption of the industrial scale voter fraud operation. “There is a vested interest, but we are victims of the system… They don’t give a s*** about any Somali.

Recent polling of Minnesota has showed that the traditionally Democratic state is within the reach of President Trump in the election, with some members of the community predicting a backlash to an epidemic of left-wing and Black Lives Matter crime and rioting.

The industrial-scale voter fraud operation could easily subvert the democratic result of the state’s presidential election, potentially even swinging the outcome of the national election itself. Voter fraud is real, it is dangerous, and those who callously execute fraudulent voting schemes should be prosecuted for serious felony crimes.

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