Congress Finally Passes Bipartisan Border Funding Bill, After Democrats Initially Blocked the Vote 81 Times!

The Democratic Party has blamed President Donald Trump for the border crisis they once denied, calling substandard detention facilities “concentration camps” because they are underfunded and unable to handle the influx of third-world migrants.

However, the Democrats have blocked emergency border funding legislation today an incredible 81 times, before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) finally capitulated and allowed the bill to be voted upon.

Here is one example of the Democratic Party’s obstruction as they continue to use migrants as pawns in their game for control:

The House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) took Democrats to task over their unwillingness to keep America safe:

“I think everybody in this body knows that that Senate bill will pass,” McCarthy said on the House floor before the display took place.

“You do not have to worry about what the outcome will be, the leader of the Senate has already said what will happen. Because I will promise you this, on this side of the aisle, we will stay here until this is done. We will not leave. And we will stand with the bipartisan vote in the Senate,” he added.

The pressure from Republicans eventually worked, as the legislation was ultimately passed in the House by a 305-102 vote. It had previously passed in the Senate by an 84-8 margin.

“In order to get resources to the children fastest, we will reluctantly pass the Senate bill,” she wrote.

“As we pass the Senate bill, we will do so with a Battle Cry as to how we go forward to protect children in a way that truly honors their dignity and worth,” Pelosi added.

The appropriation includes 4.6 billion in additional funds, with the Department of Defense and Immigration and Customs Enforcement getting some of the money authorized by the legislation, much to the chagrin of certain radical Democrats.

Most of the money will go to the the Department of Health and Human Services for the Office of Refugee Resettlement so detainment facilities can be brought up to par.

President Trump is pleased with the developments. He had called for the House to pass the legislation earlier in the day.

“It’s very far along and I believe the House is going to be getting together, hopefully they can get something done. It’s humanitarian aid, it’s very important,” he said.

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