Congressional Challenger Tom Norton Explains Why He Will Stand Strong in Congress Unlike Peter Meijer and Justin Amash

On the 11th edition of Big League Politics Live, Congressional challenger Thomas Norton appeared to explain why he is the right choice to succeed Peter Meijer in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional district.

Norton says that he will not follow in the footsteps of Meijer or Rep. Justin Amash, who now hosts youth events for AOC after being forced out of Congress with his tail between his legs.

“The biggest difference between myself and Meijer and Amash…is they don’t understand where you or I came from. The biggest difference between myself and 99 percent of the representation in Washington is I was raised on a family farm,” he said.

Norton said that his rural, working-class background would keep him grounded while dealing with the Washington D.C. swamp. 

“The moment that I am unwilling to change my own oil, I will no longer be an effective Congressman…because I won’t understand what it means to be the person that I came from,” he said, adding that his mother will beat him with an “iron skillet” if he pulls a Meijer or an Amash.

If he is elected to office, Norton will aim to put veterans and police in his congressional staff. He name dropped former representatives, including former Congressman and tea party legend Kerry Bentivolio, as the sort of individuals he would want as his chief of staff.

“I don’t want a traditional person that has made their career in politics, and the reason behind that is they will sell you out for a job or a dollar,” Norton said.

Even though Norton maintains a friendly rapport with Meijer as they are both military veterans, he believes that Meijer’s liberalism and disingenuous nature to the voters prove he is unqualified for the position of congressman.

“He spent $2.2 million dollars last campaign convincing people he was pro-Trump, pro-fair trade, and like anti-war, and all this other stuff… I believe in fair trade completely,” he said.

“Listen, I’m okay with free trade as long as it benefits both sides. It can’t just go one direction. It has to benefit both sides,” Norton continued.

“I don’t believe in expanding federal government. I want to hand it back to the states. You can’t say I’m opposed to the government doing this then turn around to expand the government when it’s outside of the boundaries of the United States Constitution,” he added, criticizing Meijer’s big government voting record.

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