Congressional Contender Leads Protest Against Down Syndrome Drag Show in Justin Amash’s District

A showing of “drag syndrome” took place in Grand Rapids, MI this past weekend, despite widespread outrage from the community, and supporters and attendees of the event did not seem particularly tolerant.

A stalwart group of activists, led by Republican Congressional candidate Thomas Norton, held two protests outside both showings of the event as LGBT activists hurled vitriolic slurs in favor of Satanism and abortions against the peaceful protesters.

Dozens of Christians politely protested the event while LGBT hatemongers called them “Jesus freaks” and told them to “f**k off” as the reprobates did not appreciate the push-back against their exploitative and perverse display.

Signs read “Love them, do not exploit them!” and “Stop the exploitation!” Police were nearby to make sure that the contentious exchanges did not become violent, as the event took place at the Wealthy Street Theatre. The gathering on Saturday night filled a 400-seat venue, and tickets were free of charge.

“As the older bother of a man with Downs, I suppose I should be shocked at the exploitation of mentally disabled people by pro-LGBT advocates in the name of ‘art.’” said Peter LaBarbera, President of the Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, who protested the event.

“But why would a movement that pushes sexual and gender confusion on vulnerable, innocent toddlers stop at manipulating the vulnerable and innocent in the disabled community to advance a nefarious agenda?” he added.

“It’s so obvious that the poor people at this event are being abused. I imagine that the event’s organizers and supporters would be in favor of aborting babies who have Down syndrome. It’s terrible what’s going on here. We need to continue to stand up for Christ the King!” exclaimed protester Bill Jaglowski.

Norton was the only Congressional candidate to attend the protests. He prayed in a circle with Christian activists, and debated LGBT activists regarding the morality of the event. The incumbent Congressman Justin Amash, who has supported military funding for transgender personnel in the past, was not in attendance either.

“I think the other candidates are afraid and won’t take a stand on anything,” Norton told Big League Politics. “I mean, where have they been on life? Red flag laws? And they are dead silent on the issues of our day.”

Peter Meijer, one of Norton’s competitors for the 3rd District Congressional seat, initially allowed the “Drag Syndrome” event to be performed at one of his venues. After the public backlash, he removed it from his property, and it was taken up at the new venue. Meijer did not show up for any of the protests, after getting some publicity over his temporary ban of the event that ultimately accomplished nothing.

MLive caught some video of the mentally disabled performers before they took the stage on Saturday night:

With the event billed as a success and concerned citizens unable to stop it from taking place, it won’t be long before “Drag Syndrome” shows up throughout the country, and more mentally disabled individuals are exploited for the purposes of advancing the LGBT agenda.

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