Congressional Report Reveals Virtually None of Afghan Migrants Airlifted by Biden Were Vetted

A Congressional report presenting eyewitness accounts from government officials regarding President Joe Biden’s transportation of tens of thousands of Afghan migrants away from the country following the Taliban’s rise reveals a troubling lack of caution.

The report, summarized in reporting of the Washington Examiner by an individual familiar with the document, reveals almost none of the nearly 100,000 migrants airlifted out of Afghanistan were interviewed in-person by a representative of the federal government. The government instead relied on faulty terrorist and criminal databases, containing limited information that can’t be accurately used to assess the criminal and ideological histories of Afghan citizens.

They created a brand new, out-of-cloth screening process just for this population. And then they told everyone, ‘This is what you follow,‘”said a federal source to the Examiner, describing the expedited process. “DOD was such a heavy part of this, and they follow orders. And so, they’re like, ‘OK, here’s the checklist. I’ll do exactly what the checklist says — no more.’ So, that’s how it happened, but it was centrally managed via DHS, the National Security Council, the White House. They said, ‘This is how we’re going to do this. And we’re going to depart significantly from the standard way of doing screening and vetting as we would in literally any other situation.’

75% of the evacuees are not American citizens, green card holders, or confirmed employees of the United States military during its presence in the country. Only 700 people evacuated hold a special immigrant visa intended for confirmed Afghan partners of the US government. Less than 5,000 of the August evacuees are US citizens.

Establishment media had strenuously maintained that the evacuees were former partners of US troops, describing them in a manner akin to American war veterans. The report exposes such a narrative as fraudulent, with a strong majority of the evacuees similar to nature to the large number of economic migrants who have fled Afghanistan in recent decades hoping for the quality of life and welfare benefits available in western countries.

Corporations desperate for cheap labor and Democrats eager to import likely progressive voters jumped at the opportunity to bring in as many Afghan migrants as possible, disregarding traditional screening, immigration restrictions and vetting required for citizens of terrorist-ridden countries.

The overwhelming majority of Afghan migrants airlifted out of the troubled country in the wake of its capitulation to the Taliban were fighting-age young men, precisely the demographic the United States government had spent countless blood and treasure training to fight the Islamist militia. Afghan migrants have already been implicated in terrorism and sexual assault, with many questioning why Biden’s airlift didn’t focus on Christians and women who stand to lose the most from the Taliban’s medieval vision of society.

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