Congressional Staffers Get Butthurt Over National Association for Gun Rights’ Tactics Against ATF Brace Order

On May 31, 2023, the National Association for Gun Rights urged House Republican Leadership to take on H.J. Res 44. The resolution would render the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ new rule titled Factoring Criteria for Firearms With Attached “Stabilizing Braces” null and void. The order was published on January 31, 2023 and goes into effect on June 1.

This new order will now designate large numbers of otherwise lawful American gun owners as  felons for failing to register their legally acquired “Stabilizing Braces.”

“House Republicans had months to take up H.J. Res. 44 and block the Biden-ATF brace ban, but now with the deadline upon us they are shamefully hiding behind the debt ceiling debate as cover for their inaction,” declared Dudley Brown, the President of the National Association for Gun Rights.

“As Biden uses his ATF minions to usurp the role of Congress by making up their own laws, Republican Leadership in the House is refusing to fight back,” added Brown.

 Since the publication of the rule in January, NAGR members have lobbied their Congressional elected officials with hundreds of thousands of emails, phone calls, and fax petitions. As the deadline of May 31 approached, NAGR started employing unconventional lobbying tactics to pressure elected officials.

 “On Capitol Hill, staff is policy, so when it became clear lawmakers were ignoring their constituents, we directed our members to the emails of the politicians’ Chiefs of Staff. It goes without saying, these Congressional Staffers were not too pleased with our guerilla tactics,” Brown said in a concluding remark.

 H.J. Res. 44 counts on the support of 188 co-sponsors and enjoys national support from angry gun owners. The bill still hasn’t been taken up in the Republican-controlled House.

NAGR continues urging its members to call House Majority Leader Steve Scalise to push him to schedule a vote on H.J. Res. 44.

Of all the gun organizations out there, NAGR is the most steadfast in terms of its devotion to fighting all forms of gun control at the federal, state, and local levels. If gun owners want to fully restore gun rights in America, NAGR is the organization that they should turn to.

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