Congressman Matt Gaetz Declares the GOP is ‘Donald Trump’s Party’ at CPAC Texas

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke to CPAC Texas on Saturday afternoon where he outlined his vision for America’s national renewal.

“I’m a Florida Man, I’m an America First fighter, and I’m proud to be Nancy Pelosi’s worst nightmare in the United States House of Representatives,” Gaetz said to start his speech.

He explained how it must be “exhausting” to be a “woketopian” in America these days and mocked the leftist notion of “privilege.”

“We are proud to stand here as patriotic Americans. This is the greatest country on Earth, and we will never let a socialist politician or a spoiled celebrity or athlete ever tell us something different… We are united by one American privilege that makes us proud and strong and prosperous,” he said.

“We got these folks in power now that want to make us believe, like a totally distorted version of reality. They want you to believe that spending $400 billion more in the anti-inflation act will actually solve inflation when all of the most accurate analysis says it will increase inflation,” Gaetz added.

Gaetz called out Democrats for lying about the recession, destroying the economy and having an immense amount of contempt for the American people, but he said that Republicans must provide an alternative worth supporting to truly restore the country to greatness.

“I know the tide is turning. I know we will take power after the coming elections, but I won’t want to win by default or dissolution. I want to be worthy of victory. I want to make sure we tell the people the truth,” Gaetz said.

“The truth is we are being invaded on the southern border, and it’s not enough just to finish the wall. We have to deport the people who are not in our country legally,” he continued.

“The truth is the vaccine mandate has not made our military stronger, it has made our nation weaker. The truth is we have to take on big tech. The truth is we have to make sure the American story is one that does not end with a declining president like Joe Biden,” Gaetz added.

Gaetz outlined his “vision” for the Republican Party where RINOs like Paul Ryan and Liz Cheney holding power is a thing of the past. He proudly proclaimed that Trump is the figurehead of the GOP, and he intends to keep it that way.

“This is Donald Trump’s party, and I’m proud to be a Donald Trump Republican!” Gaetz said.

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