Congressman Steve King Courageously Defends Patriotic Canadian Hockey Commentator

Iowa Congressman Steve King came to Canadian hockey commentary Mark Cherry’s defense on November 12, 2019.

Cherry caused a firestorm last weekend when he made controversial statements questioning the civic devotion of his fellow Canadians.

He specifically expressed his dismay towards the lack of patriotism being shown during the lead up to Remembrance Day, when Canadian veterans are commemorated for their service in previous armed conflicts.

Patriotic Canadians typically show theirs respects by purchasing poppy, an artificial flower that is sold to raise money to go towards veterans.

After complaining on air about the lack of enthusiasm for Remembrance Day and using the word “you people” during his talk, Cherry was lambasted across Twitter.

The pressure was so strong that his employer Sportsnet ended up firing him for his allegedly “inflammatory” comments.

The height of political correctness policing, many figures on the Right quickly defended Cherry.

One of those was Steve King, who has gone through his fair share of attacks from the political establishment and their PC handlers.

King tweeted, “Oh, Canada! The black facing Prime Minister is re-elected and the face of Canadian hockey is fired for patriotic speak.”

King referred to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent black face scandal, of which he received a pass from the media while coasting to victory in recent elections.

The Iowa Congressman raised a good point about the PC double standard the Left uses against the Right.

When the Left itself engages in activities it otherwise considers racist, they turn a blind eye.

But when a right wing figure makes the slightest hint of expressing pride for his country or tries to encourage positive nationalism, they’re immediately labeled racist.

Cherry’s firing shows how global the PC war has become in the Anglo world.

We now live in an environment where saying the wrong things at work could have individuals facing off with an outrage mob that will likely get them fired.

Once every nook and cranny of society gets politicized, no one is safe from the Evangelical Left’s thought policing.


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