Congressmen Thomas Massie & Jim Jordan Grill ATF Director On New Pistol Brace Regulation

On May 9, 2023, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie announced his decision to write a letter to ATF Director Steven Dettlebach which sought clarification on Dettelbach’s recent House Judiciary Committee testimony regarding the agency’s new pistol brace regulation. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, who is Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is a signatory to Massie’s letter.

In his Judiciary Committee testimony, Director Dettelbach remarked, “we wrote the rule to make it easy to comply with. If somebody just at their home detaches the weapon from the brace and keeps them apart, they do not have to register anything. They can keep the brace, they can keep the business end of the gun.”

But in the written ATF regulation, it highlights how’s that for an individual to comply in this manner, the owner must: “Permanently remove and dispose of, or alter, the stabilizing brace such that it cannot be reattached, thereby removing the weapon from regulation as a ‘firearm’ under the NFA.” 

“I’m sending ATF Director Dettelbach a letter asking him to clarify whether the compliance option he suggested for pistol brace owners in his Congressional testimony was accurate and complete. If he was wrong, he may have just put millions of owners in legal jeopardy,” declared  Massie.

During Dettelbach’s testimony, he stated that the “detachment” of the pistol brace from the weapon would be enough to satisfy the compliance requirements of the ATF’s pistol brace regulation. Dettelbach’s testimony can be viewed here. 

In a similar vein, the letter can be read here. To genuinely undermine an institution like the ATF, its major figures must be constantly grilled. From there, legislative campaigns can be launched to guarantee the defunding and eventual abolition of the ATF.

All in all, the fight to restore the Second Amendment in the US will be a drawn out affair.

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