Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Calls for the Government to Seize Private Hospitals During Wuhan Virus Outbreak

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar wants to send markets back.

MCRTV reported that the congresswoman is using the Wuhan Virus crisis to call for the immediate government seizure of all hospitals.

She claims that is only for the “duration of the virus.”

“Here is maybe a radical idea to deal with some of the pressures our healthcare system is facing: All private hospitals should be made public for the duration of the virus,” Omar tweeted on March 24, 2020.


Omar didn’t go into specifics on how the government could instantly transform the nation’s entire private hospital sector into a public system overnight to take on the crisis.

Interestingly, the government is now counting on the private sector to supply them with enough face masks, thus calling into question how Omar’s program would look like given the government’s lousy track record of allocating private goods.

Omar represents the most radical element of the Democrat Party.

Instead of pushing for constructive policies such as restricting immigration, pushing for wholesale deregulation of bureaucracy, and re-assessing America’s relation with China, Omar and company want to implement radical economic and social policies that have nothing to do with the matter at hand. In fact, such policies would likely create a whole new set of problems.

But that’s how the modern-day Left operates these days

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