Connecticut Congressman Believes the United States Government Should Create a Central Bank Digital Currency

During an interview on CoinDesk TV, Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes said that the United States government should create a central bank digital currency (CBDC). He believes the US must do so in order to not be  “left behind.” 

Countries such as Australia, China, Japan, and Russia have rolled out pilot projects to test run CBDCs.

Himes stated that the US should get the ball rolling on developing a CBDC so that “we’ve got the option to move forward” when it comes to competing wit’s other great powers using similar currencies.

“Why would you exit the game before you even know what the game is going to look like?” Himes inquired. “We could do the research. We could set up a pilot program for a CBDC.”

Himes stressed that the US does not have to set up a CBDC. He observed that “since it is a technological innovation, why not keep up with our peers, with our competitors and see where it goes.” 

Himes is a member of the House Financial Services Committee’s National Security, International Development, and Monetary Policy Subcommittee. According to Dan Frieth of Reclaim the Net, Himes said that the US has not taken any concrete steps in creating a CBDC.

“If we were serious about it, we could move it pretty quickly,” declared Himes. “We can do a lot of the setup before we actually push the button and say, ‘Hey, there’s now a CBDC.’”

CBDCs are just another way globalists want to take control of people’s economic livelihood. While technology can enhance people’s lives, it can also be used as a way to exert control over them.

America First populists would be wise to recognize the dangers of blind technological optimism and make sure to halt any projects to establish CBDCs and other schemes to make central banking policy more high-tech. 

Instead there should be the promotion of a separation of central banking and state through legislation that allows for competing currencies to operate freely in the marketplace. 

The solution to these economic issues ultimately lies with mechanisms that promote more economic freedom as opposed to economic control. 

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