Connecticut Gun Grabbers Want to Confiscate Homemade Firearms

City legislators in Stamford, Connecticut want to take gun confiscation into their own hands.

Jeffrey Stella (D-9) and Rodney Pratt (D-9) of the Board of Representatives are moving an ordinance forward that would enable police to confiscate homemade firearms from city residents.

The city legislators are specifically targeting 3D printable firearms and “ghost guns” in this case. The two legislators said that “Laws have to keep up with technology that allows people to create plastic weapons using 3-D printers, and to build guns from parts they can buy, unregulated, online.”

According to Stella, their ordinance is based off one that went into effect in Bridgeport fourth months prior. This ordinance bans anyone living within the city limits from owning, using or selling weapons manufactured at home, which is currently legal in Connecticut and at the federal level.

Stella continued voicing his displeasure with 3D printable firearms:

“How can it be OK for people to manufacture firearms without serial numbers? As a police officer and a city representative, I took oaths to serve and protect people.”

Stella and Pratt’s ordinance has an endgame in mind which Stella ended up revealing:

“Anybody can make these untraceable guns. I feel that if more towns push to ban them, the people in Hartford will realize this is what the people want.”

So it’s clear that the legislators intention is to create a domino effect of gun control at the local level that will ultimately force the state government of Connecticut to act on the matter.

Pratt added that this ordinance is a good first step for “common-sense” gun laws and that “we don’t want to sit back and wait for the state.”

3D printable firearms have become a whipping boy for gun controllers in solidly blue states lately.

The State of New Jersey recently banned them and is now threatening criminal prosecution against individuals who share files that include manufacturing blueprints for 3D printable firearms.

Connecticut is bound to join New Jersey soon. It has already established itself as a national gun control leader by spearheading the passage of red flag gun confiscation orders, bump stock bans, and universal background checks.

With a recent ammo tax proposal at the state level and this latest local ordinance against 3D printable firearms, Connecticut continues to cement its status as one of the most anti-gun states in the country.



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