“Conservative” Congressional Candidate Poses in a Questionable Photo Shoot

BLP previously covered Earl Granville’s questionable credentials as a conservative.

Now, BLP has uncovered even more information that undermines Granville’s credibility as a candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th district.

For a book, Always Loyal, Granville was photographed doing several provocative poses.

Breitbart covered this photo shoot back in 2015

Photographer Michael Stokes decided to take photos of amputee vets with “a strong sense of empowerment – and serious sex appeal.” Granville was one of the models selected to do the photo shoot.

Interestingly, Granville’s photos were deleted from Twitter, possibly in anticipation of his congressional run.

However, sources close to BLP were able to provide various images from this photo shoot.

Granville can do whatever he pleases in his private life as long as it is within the confines of the law.

Additionally, he should be commended for his prior military service.

However, there must be standards when evaluating conservative candidates.

How can voters trust someone to promote conservative values when they have a past filled with actions that suggest they have embraced the cultural Left’s degenerate social behavior?

On top of that, Granville appeared to be a milquetoast anti-Trump conservative who is hopping on the Trump bandwagon because it’s fashionable these days.

Voters in Pennsylvania’s 8th district at least have a conservative option in Teddy Daniels, a former police officer and Afghan conflict veteran who is a genuine believer in America First principles. Former Mitt Romney staffer James Bognet  and former Democrat Mike Marsicano are also running for the Republican nomination.


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