“Conservative” Inc. Loser Rich Lowry Slings Mud at “Future Republican Star” Marjorie Taylor Greene

In a piece entitled the “The QAnon Rot in the GOP”, National Review editor Rich Lowry excoriated Marjorie Taylor Greene, a candidate for Georgia’s 14th congressional district, for supporting QAnon, an anonymous Internet poster that challenges establishment narratives on politics.

Lowry, a seasoned triangulator who makes conservatism as flaccid as possible, described Q as “being deeply corrosive of the qualities necessary to live in and govern a republic.”

Based on Lowry’s reasoning, no “respectable” conservative should be supporting Greene.

Well, Greene had a choice response for Lowry’s venomous article.

She tweeted, “The most costly conspiracy theory of the 21st century for our country (the need for the Iraq War) was promoted by @RichLowryof NRO. He actively cheered and propagandized for America to spend trillions of our tax dollars and lose thousands of American lives in the Middle East.”

She then followed up with:

“2. Mr. Lowry has some very nasty things to say about me, yet he has never met nor spoken to me. As a conservative, I believe America should be taken care of first. To use your words, Mr. Lowry, your brand of conservatism has been “deeply corrosive,” costly and deadly.”

For conservatives obsessed with so-called decency, being affiliated with groups that are labeled “fringe” is a mortal sin. On the other hand, championing wars that kill hundreds of thousands of people will be greeted with lavish praise in normie conservative circles.

But as long as the defense industry gets its cut and reciprocates by propping up generic conservative outlets, then everything is A-OK.

Luckily for those who put America First, President Trump happily supports Greene. He tweeted out his support:


With the election of Greene practically certain this election cycle, the GOP establishment will finally have to deal with someone who is an actual threat to their generic ways.

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