Conservative Inc. Operatives Attempt to Sabotage the Rising Movement to Oppose Anti-White Critical Race Theory

In recent months, there has been a groundswell of grassroots momentum building in opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT), the anti-white Marxist curriculum being pushed in school systems nationwide.

So, naturally, Conservative Inc. is coming to co-opt this groundswell and keep Republicans from actually deriding CRT in the strong terms that would actually resonate with the general public.

Commentator Karlyn Borysenko recently released a video where she argued that honestly explaining CRT helps white nationalists so conservatives should be softer and more equivocating when describing the phenomenon:

In spite of the extreme unpopularity of her video, Borysenko has doubled down over and over in social media posts, even calling for independent journalist Cassandra Fairbanks to be castigated due to her incessant whining:

Borysenko is far from alone in making these bizarre arguments. They seem to be coming from Conservative Inc. operatives in a coordinated fashion. Podcaster Scott Greer pointed out that these talking points emerged after a recent gathering in Montana hosted by Christopher Rufo, whose work has been cited by former president Donald Trump and has been very influential in the anti-CRT movement.

Recent posts by Rufo indicate he lacks the courage to explain that CRT has been constructed as a blood libel against white people for the purposes of justifying violence against them, which very well may result in genocide:

Rufo suggests that we all should just behave as individuals and that will prevent the ruthless organized Left from encroaching further against our liberties.

Big League Politics has reported on how a huge majority of American blacks support CRT, presumably believing that racial supremacy must be imposed upon white people in America in order to wipe away the original sin of slavery:

A new poll has shown that the anti-white marxist poison known as critical race theory is vehemently unpopular with every group in America, except for Democrats and blacks.

According to the YouGov/Economist poll, 68 percent of blacks support the extremely anti-American curriculum that is brainwashing children into an inhumane and primitive racial caste system of sorts. These numbers prove that the Black Lives Matter terror uprising is effectively weaponizing diversity in order to to rip the nation apart…

Further analysis of the polls show that the racist curriculum is deeply unpopular with vast swaths of Americans, but blacks are the outlier…

The proliferation of critical race theory is what happens when affirmative action propels the undeserved into positions within academia that they never could have possibly achieved on merit. Multiculturalism will continue to promote drivel written by  low IQ dregs until this imposed system is crushed.

Opposition to CRT will provide a much-needed opportunity for activists to teach the public about who the enemy is, how utterly reprehensible they are, and who is in the crosshairs of their drive toward revolutionary terror. Conservative Inc. operatives like Rufo and Borysenko want to end this golden opportunity for activists because of their own self-serving agendas.

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